SAP B1 ERP solution is being offered in two flexible methods for the customers On-Premise and SAP B1 on Cloud. Both the offerings have its own advantages and benefits for the end users.

The SAP B1 on cloud helps quick deployment and  less maintenance. The SAP Business One partner have the flexibility to propose the right solution to the end customer based  on their need, its basically decided based on the infrastructure what the customer has as of now and how he can manage the system.

In SAP B1 ERP the license is owned by the customer, the SAP Business One partner is only involved in implementation, training and support. In a SAP B1 cloud also the customer owns the license.

SAP B1 on On-Premise server:

  • Secured data
  • Server and application maintenance needed
  • License and softwares are owned by purchaser
  • Secured remote access
  • No connectivity issue
  • The TCO is high initially as the necessary software & Hardware has to be purchased

The SAP B1 ERP solution is easy to setup and maintain in a On premise environment, the Support Executive can be easily trained in maintenance of the application.

cloud server:

  • The data resides on cloud service providers server
  • Need better internet connection for access
  • The License is hosted on private cloud instance like AWS, Azure etc
  • The TCO is little high as the service provider handles the maintenance.
  • Choosing SAP B1 HANA solution on cloud infrastructure is always beneficial for the end user as maintenance is completely provided by the service provider.

The SAP B1 ERP deployment is basically decided on the usage and maintenance criteria, the HANA server needed a trained person to maintain the infrastructure so that the system is available for the end user without hindrance, both the on premise and cloud provides the same application functionality and license pattern, its only the server deployment makes the difference..

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