SAP Business One enables Small and Medium Businesses to continue their business functions as usual with a completely integrated and Intelligent solution. The SAP B1 provides multiple integration facilities which helps the organisations to extend the application usage to multiple users both inside and outside the organisation.

The eco system is the main business accelerator for Trading and distribution companies, digitalising the transactions between the vendor and Customer will reduce time, availability of data and on time delivery.

Adopting Digitization: 

Digital AdoptionAdopting a new practice is always a challenge with SME’s but SAP Business One gives a smooth way for a organisation moving from non ERP to ERP usage environment, Most of the transaction pages in SAP B1 like PO, SO, invoice etc will have same look and feel which makes the end user to adopt the system easily. Once the key users get adopted with SAP ERP then the manual processes and usage of MS Excel for data storage will be abolished and entire business process starting from inquiry till delivery will be automated.This will add great value for businesses during this pandemic crisis.

Engaging Business Eco-system:

Business eco-system
Business eco-system

In the challenging times when there is restrictions in travel and free movement, non essential business movements can be avoided and those processes can be carried out in Digital format. Few classic examples like issuing Purchase order to Vendors, items deliverey to warehouse, confirmation of item delivery, QC, etc.

SAP Business One ERP solution with its best integration capabilities supports the eco-system engagement with complete digitization, if the trading company engages with multiple vendors then the data export and import option will help smooth data transfer.

The repeated customers can place their product inquiry and Order directly which will reduce time and lead to safe business process.

The SAP Business One partner like CiberOn Consulting plays a important role in supporting customers who wanted to go for Digitization. For detailed business case study on SAP Business One ERP for Trading and Distribution companies with multi country presence mail us on